DC vs AC motor

Are Electric Motors DC or AC|Direct and Alternating Current|TVTAmerica

Electric motors can be both

DC stands for Direct current.

These electric motors operate in such a way that the current travels in one directions. For example, starter on your car is typically a direct current. Two categories for the DC motors are brushed and brushless, these can be match with accessories like fans or with integral gearboxes. Other applications include car motors, conveyors, elevators, and other similar applications. 

AC stands for Alternating Current.

These electric motors are using single or three phase alternating currents. A simple way of thinking about this is they wiggle back and fourth to pass energy along the way. This motor is used for power distribution systems. AC current are very efficient in the way they move power along, it can travel over a longer distance, or work great if you have an application with a heavier voltage. Some applications this is used for are transformers, pumps. electric cars, elevators, conveyors, and other similar applications. 

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