"Made in Italy...Loved in America"



Mark Solvie CEO (Left) with his wife Michelle Solvie (right). Mark has over 20+ years in the power transmission industry, while also being a mechanical and electrical engineer. He is an  expert with  connections all across the world, built this company from one email sent to Italy in 2003 and the rest is history. Mark leads the company with passioniate, hard work, and storng values. Michelle has been by his side through it all. Supporting him through the whole process, from  managing the accounts recievable depart to making sure he gets a healthy lunch to fuel him for the day. TVT wouldn't what it is today with out these two. 

Our Story

Tvt America was formed to support and develop the North American market for the Italian gear manufactures Tramec S.r.l, Varmec S.r.l and Techno-Line-Service (TLS Riduttori) S.r.l. In 2003, TVT America was organized to offer American customers factory support, service, & pricing from the heartland of North America.


Our mission

TVT Americas mission it to provide high quality, easy, fast, and affordable power transmission solultions for our customers.



Tramec S.r.l. is the founding partner of TVT Group,and lead supplier to America's TVT organization. Tramec was established in Bologna, Italy in 1986 to manufacture Bevel Helical, Parallel Helical speed reducers for Industrial applications requiring high quality and fast delivery of shaft mount, foot mount, parallel and right angle gearboxes and gearmotors.


Varmec S.r.l. is one of the original founders of the TVT Group and is a production partner of America's TVT.Varmec was originally formed as a manufacture of high quality friction-type variable speed drives.


in 2009, TLS partnership in TVT Group lead to the development of the SFK and BFK range based on the "K".The original B and S series TLS reducers were the traditional sand-cast aluminum housings used by many gear manufactures for its low tooling costs, but with the "K" housing, TLS could offer flexibility to suit the customers need specifically, while utilizing the big investment of vacuum die-cast alloy aluminum housings from Tramec.