TVT America

Production Partners


In 2003 we began with our three partners, Tramec s.r.l., Technoline Service snc and Varmec s.r.l. Tramec s.r.l. had developed a very successful modular bevel-helical and parallel helical range, shaft mount helical, bevel, and precision planetary product line. 


Varmec s.r.l. originally developed a mechanical dry traction speed variator, the VAR, which is still in use today. To complement the VAR series they developed the CV and RCV concentric helical speed reducer. This provided the TVT with a high performance concentric helical in NEMA/Inch and IEC/mm configurations.


Technoline Service s.n.c. also known as TLS Motoriduttori was focused on the round type worm & gear reducer, in single, double, and triple stages as well as helical worm. TLS allowed the ability to interchange nearly every Italian worm reducer manufacture and offered exceptionally fast delivery of their high quality product.


With the acquisition of Becker® Berges added the Asymmetrical 3º/17º VS belt drive technology that improves torque density, efficiency, while reducing overhung loads. TVT is the source for Becker Drive systems as well as replacement pulleys, belts, and controls for existing high-performance systems. For more info, click the Becker button at right. 


Berges® is known globally as the leader in variable speed belt drive systems. Berges pulleys are found on many leading manufactures own variable speed drive systems and TVT America is the #1 Source in North America for in-stock pulleys and belts. We have the engineering expertise to design new Berges drive systems from ground up.  


We approached Carpanelli s.p.a. in 2017 with a very challenging motor design that none of our other partners could tackle, a modular motor that could allow TVT to deliver standard, brake, encoder, and smart motors from USA quickly. Same day assembly in USA for motors that take weeks just to build in Europe today. The ZENO® series gives our customers solutions, today. Click the logo to learn more about the Zeno and purchase on-line for same-day shipping in most cases.

Construziono Motori Elettrici

Construzioni Motori Elettrici, better known by the acronym C.M.E. brings to TVT the ability to produce a wide range of motors to unique dimensional and performance characteristics, low center height motors, and motors from extruded aluminum frames for a wide variety of OEM and specialty applications. Excellent in quality, fast in delivery, long lasting performance, made in Italy. 


Coel Industrial Solutions was approached in 2017 for the purpose of adding their VIS Brakes range, however we quickly appreciated the famous Coel brake motors, LimiteX flameproof limit switches, and Xtouch Pendant Stations, as well as PMT Hoist Drives. Coel brings solutions to the market through TVT America.  


ComInTec s.r.l. joined TVT in 2013. ComInTec offers a complete range of Torque Limiters, Pneumatic Clutches, Elastic & Rigid Couplings, Drive shafts, Locking Collars (Stop rings), and offers a Variable Speed Belt & Pulley Drive along with adjustable motor bases. Please visit the ComInTec page at the link to the right for more information and purchasing options. 


Where to you find IEC motors in frames greater than 200, where can you find stock of IE2, IE3, IE4 IEC Motors, that answer is TVT America with its partner Elvem. Elvem brings TVT America sizes to 355 and power to 400 Kw (555hp) with fast delivery. Stock in Italy and USA. To learn more click logo.

Gauss Magneti

Gauss Magneti s.r.l. is a leader in the manufacture of permanent and electromagnets for a wide range of applications; lifting, cleaning, sorting, and even water softening. Gauss was added to the TVT range in 2015 for North America. For more information about Gauss Magneti please click the logo to visit their page.


Unlike the majority of TVT partners, Kostal is based in Germany. Kostal's Inveor VFD is superior to standard IP20 VFD's in that IP66 is standard, motor mounting of the VFD is available standard, and the drives are designed for high temp, vibration, and rugged conditions. For must-run applications, Kostal is the only solution. In stock in most sizes in U.S.A. at TVT.


MecVel® is a name famous for linear actuators, screw jacks, and linear systems. Found in the most demanding applications, MecVel is the brand trusted to lift, shift, and slide from production environments to luxury yachts. TVT is proud to present MecVel® to the North American market for OEM and MRO spares. 

Motori Elettrici

Motori Elettrici M.T. s.r.l. was the first partner whom was not part of the original TVT Group. In 2009 during the financial crisis TVT chose to expand rather than contract, and M.T. was the obvious choice for a motor partner. A young and dynamic company growing quickly by offering high quality and feature rich AC motors in 3ph and 1ph, as well as drum motors. A full range of brake motors also. (click logo for more info).  

Neri Motori

NERIMOTORI® s.r.l. offers TVT customers a range of motors which we did not have access to in the past. Specialty motors for a wide range of applications from carwash to marine environment. In 2015 we added the Nerimotori range to our offering with the introduction of the Smooth motor series for marine & wash down.

Officina Elettromeccanica Gottifredi

 Officina Elettromeccanica Gottifredi, better known as O.E.G., is a leading manufacture of Electromagnetic Brakes for AC and DC motors. TVT has sold O.E.G. brakes for MT motors since 2008, but in 2015 we visited Gottifredi offices and decided to support the entire range for North America. For more information and on-line purchasing, click the OEG Logo.


Orange1 is a brand you might not know yet, but you will as the brand represents the fastest growing Electric motor range in Europe. Orange1 includes companies formerly known as Magnetic, Sicme, CEG, Elprom, Unielectric, EME, and more as this fast growing group expands. With Orange1 added to our group TVT America presents the broadest range of IEC motors in North American market.


Poggi transmissioni meccanice s.p.a. was added to the TVT America team in 2013. Poggi further strengthened our range of right angle drives, but more importantly offered our distributors and OEM customers a complete range of pulley & belt drive and timing systems, keyless bushings, and shaft couplings.  


In 2019 TVT America formerly made the visit to Siboni to pursue their range of Servomotors & Systems. Siboni is well known for their ProPlanet brushless servo motors, PRO LAB motors with integrated drives, RAW Planet Brushed DC motor series, and now the DIA line of HIGH TORQUE motors (to 3018 in-lbs of torque). Learn more at Siboni >>> 


VAR-SPE has been the leading innovator for hydrostatic variable speed industrial drives for over 50 years, in the USA they had been marketed under the name T.B.Woods HSV. 100%-0-100% speed & direction control with torque limiting and soft start/stop feature. Ideal for Explosion-proof & Flameproof variable speed applications.  


ZMC Italy is the leader in Industrial Transport Chains in Europe, and TVT is Exclusive North American Distributor for ZMC Italia. ZMC Engineering class chains are found at your favorite bakery, pulling your dream car through its production factory, down in the clinker at cement mills, and is the brand you trust to propel your children's joy at the local amusement park ride. ZMC is a no substitute chain company, where only the best will do you find ZMC Italy. Learn more >>>