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05FM F25 103V

05FM F25 103V

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O.E.G. S.r.l. Freno 05FM F=25 103VDC 40NM  90 IEC

Officina Elettromeccanica Gottifredi (trans. The Electromechanical Workshop of Gottifredi) is a family business whom provides the Stopping Force behind the most famous name brake motors in all of Europe, as well as the brake most copied.  OEG has focused on Spring Pressure Safety Brakes since its founding in 1959, their incredibly simple, reliable, and straightforward design has been refined to perfection.  

FRENO, meaning Brake in Italian, is so identified with OEG that many customers search the world for FRENO brakes, mistaking FRENO for the brandname of the modestly marked OEG brake.  

The FM series brake is a Direct Current (or Current Continuous as said in Italy, C.C.) where an electromagnetic coil pulls the brakes pressure plate back against coil springs releasing the axial force exerted upon the brakes disk. 

The brake discs are mounted on a steel or stainless steel gear hub that is fixed to the motors rotor shaft. The female gear teeth of the brake disc are thus allowed to move axially as required to maintain clearance and even wear pattern for long life at high speeds and multiple stops. 

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