Berges®  F325sb Spring Tensioning Pulley

Berges® F325sb Spring Tensioning Pulley

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Berges® Spring Tensioning pulley type F325sb interchange with Lenze® Simplabelt size for use with wide belts type CW-b 70 and fixed diameter pulley, speed change achieved by changing center distance between sheaves.  Diameter 346mm with length through bore of 240mm, one spring on each side of pulley for a total of two springs.  Maximum shaft diameter 48mm with standard bores listed for sale, for alternative bores are available contact TVT for non-standard bore quotation.

Brand Type Belt a H7 b dw Dw Da L
Lenze 70x18 42, 48 190 121 351 360 220
Berges F325sb 70x18 38, 42, 48 147 117 341 346 240