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Berges® F211.47sb Spring Tensioning Pulley

Berges® F211.47sb Spring Tensioning Pulley

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Berges® Spring Tensioning pulley type F211.47sb interchange with Lenze® Simplabelt size for use with wide belts type CW-b 47 and fixed diameter pulley, speed change achieved by changing center distance between sheaves.  Diameter 270mm with length through bore of 130mm, one spring on each side of pulley for a total of two springs.  Maximum shaft diameter 28mm with standard bores listed for sale, bores 28, 38, and 42mm are found with F250sb series, for alternative bores are available contact TVT for non-standard bore quotation.

Brand Type Belt a H7 b dw Dw Da L
Lenze 47x12 28, 38 145 94 263.5 270 148
Berges F211.47sb 47x12 19, 24, 28 98 74 217 220 130
Berges F250sb 47x12 28, 38, 42 106 89 250 255 170


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