Berges® F101sb Spring Tensioning Pulley

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Berges® Spring Tensioning pulley type F101sb interchange with Lenze® Simplabelt size for use with wide belts type CW-b 22 and fixed diameter pulley, speed change achieved by changing center distance between sheaves.  Diameter 120mm with length through bore of 72mm, one spring on each side of pulley for a total of two springs.  Identified by casting numbers 11000308 and 11000309 stamped on pulley faces; castings used on other series of pulleys.  Maximum shaft diameter 19mm with standard bores listed for sale and are stocked in modest quantities.

 To purchase a non-standard bore, enter CUSTOM for bore size, and proceed to checkout.   A TVT Sales Engineer will contact you to define the bore required, please allow 6-8 weeks to manufacture to order. MTO bores are not returnable. 

Lenze 11.104 catalog page for reference (.pdf file to open in new page).

When Interchanging Berges for Lenze Simplabelt.

1.  Length through bore of is 72mm. Berges F101sb is also 72mm

2.  Diameter of Lenze is 120mm.  Berges F101sb is also 120mm.

3.  Lenze runs on a 22mm wide V-belt with 28º pitch angle, Berges F101sb also uses this belt. CW-b 22.

4.  Lenze lists its belts by the inside diameter length in millimeters, "Li' dimension.  Berges lists its belts by the outside diameter length in millimeters "Lw" dimension. 

 TVT-Berges catalog download opens in a new window.

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