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Berges® R130b Control Pulley

Berges® R130b Control Pulley

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Berges® Control Pulley type R130b for use with wide belts type CW-b 22 and spring tensioning pulley F130b.  Diameter of 135mm with length through bore 72mm. Die-cast aluminum pulley faces with steel slide hub with thrust bearing on one side.  Casting numbers maybe found on, but are not the part# as castings are used on other series of pulleys.    Maximum shaft diameter 24mm with standard bores listed for sale. To order a bore not listed, please select CUSTOM, add to your cart, and checkout.  A TVT Representative will contact to finalize the desired bore selection and send to production; please allow 6-8 weeks for made to order bores.

INTERCHANGE: Suggested replacement for Discontinued parts #,,,,,  Lenze Part# description page.Please note:

1.   When interchanging Lenze to Berges we recommend replacing BOTH the Control  (Bearing pulley) and the Tensioning (Spring pulley).

2.  Lenze length through bore is 95mm, Berges 72mm.

3.  Lenze Diameter 130mm, Berges Diameter 135mm (5mm greater diameter, 2.5mm in radius).

4.  Lenze 11.213.13 and 11.218.13 and Berges RF130b use 22mm wide 28º Variable Speed Belt.  CW-b 22.  Lenze belt lengths are measured by inside diameter "Li" in millimeter, Berges belt lengths are measured by outside diameter "Lw".  Thickness of belt is not relevant to interchange or performance, these may vary with production lot and are not critical measure. 

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