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Poggi Spa

Poggi System-P Taper Bushing 8070

Poggi System-P Taper Bushing 8070

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Bore Size
Designation Torque Dimensions Weight
Screw Torque d D S U V W
mm Nm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
   8070 M12 x 75 60 113 150 88 13 18 70 6.00

 Poggi System-P Taper Bushings are a radial wedge, offering a mechanical advantage to easily create a secure shaft to bore interference fit, yet allow ease of removal and repositioning if desired with no shaft or bushing damage.  Poggi System-P allows a wide range of standard transmission components (Pulleys, Sprockets, Hubs, Etceteras) to be mounted to a wide range of inch and metric shaft diameters and finishes without any special machining.  Used of Poggi System-P bushings is easy and requires only the use of a standard Allen Wrench (hexagonal drive wrench).  Internationally recognized System-P design has been compared to the American QD bushing, while they are simular...they are not interchangeable in dimension or performance.

  • 18 Standard Sizes
  • Inch & Metric Bores
  • 11mm to 200mm Metric
  • 3/8" to 5-1/4" Inch
  • 0 to 350Nm torque capacity.
  • 0 to 3150 in-lbs torque capacity.
  • Easy Installation & Removal.
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Complete Range of Poggi Transmission Elements for System-P.
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