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SUPER -X- NEMA/Inch Worm Gear Reducers - Size 63

SUPER -X- NEMA/Inch Worm Gear Reducers - Size 63

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100% Designed & Manufactured in ITALY.

  • Housing - Vacuum Diecast corrosion resistant alloy aluminum
  • NEMA 56C face - Shaft Input and IEC inputs available by request.
  • Hollow bore standard, Single & Double Output Shaft Options. 
  • Direct upgrade for Motovario NMRV - No compromises
  • Size 50 and size 75 also available for immediate purchase.  
  • Direct upgrade for Bonfiglioli W series -  no missing sizes
  • 100% Guaranteed Made in Italy quality & performance. Nothing Chinese
  • ratios 5 to 100:1 in single stages - contact for double reduction & helical worm.
  • Reduced backlash & Servo Inputs available by request.
  • ITL  (Integrated Torque Limiter) available at option.
  • Same Day shipping from U.S.A. 

Performance Table Based on 1750rpm Motor Input 

Ratio RPM Out HP Torque
XNC63 5 350 2.4
324 in-lbs
XNC63 7.5 233 2.4
468 in-bs
XNC63 10 175 2.1
612 in-lbs
XNC63 15 117 1.6
876 in-lbs
XNC63  20 88 1.6
840 in-lbs
XNC63 25 70 1.3
696 in-lbs
XNC63 30 58 1.2 804 in-lbs
XNC63 40 44 1.1
996 in-lbs
XNC63 50 35 .9 864 in-lbs
XNC63 65 27 .8 708 in-lbs
XNC63 80 22 .8 552 in-lbs
XNC63 100 18 .7 624 in-lbs

XNC63 weight 14.6lbs

Genuine Italian Power Transmission

In the 1990's Italian masters put their 500+ Years of worm gearbox manufacturing expertise into the NMRV at Motovario.  The innovative design took advantage of the latest in CAD/CAM design, ball bearing precision & capacity, synthetic lubrication, and die cast aluminum near net tooling to produce a truly innovative product generations ahead of the old cast iron worm gears being produced in China and USA from 1960's drafting board designs.  Then in the 2000's, the Chinese copied that design and today an NMRV might be real and might be fake, but either way it is 30 year old design.  The NMRV while revolutionary in 1990 is the past today and in most cases what you think is Italian is as fake as a $100 Rolex.


The Super -X- offers the same universal mounting (four sided precision machine mounting faces, plus 2 sides output cap piloted & tapped faces) to directly replace the old NMRV design, but 30 years newer design.  

Genuine Italian NMRV Universal gearboxes

No Fins, because none are needed.  We use as our standard, at no extra cost, Shell Omala S4 WE 320 Synthetic gear oil and we super finish our worms and the result is an efficiency that does not require the extra surface area of the NMRV's heat sink design.  

Super -X-

With developments in aluminum alloys we do not need to finish the Super X inside and out with polyester epoxy powdered paint to prevent oil leaks from aluminum porasity or corrosion from typical industrial applications.  For highly corrosive applications paint is no solution, instead we offer at option the Super -X- in our patented GHA nanotechnology; we deposit silver ions into the micropores of the aluminum then hard anodize the surface to create a surface that is more than wash-down... it actually kills bacteria on contact!   For those with machines in a company color, the Super -X- is paint ready from production delivered to your door, or if requested we can finish in the color of your choice for a nominal fee, one piece or many.

Completely Modular Design & Automated Italian Manufacturing.  


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