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OEG (Officina Elettromeccanica Gottifredi) is the leading manufacturer of electric motor brakes in Italy.  Starting in 1959 with the production of what has become the MS/FM 3ph AC brake, with continual innovation and improvements this has become the standard and most copied Italian Master brake in the world.   The FM series is the Direct Current version of the MS/FM series.

  • Input Volts 24, 103, 178Vdc (other voltages available by request).
  • Braking force of 5 to 500 Nm (44 to 4438 in-lbs).
  • Nine standard sizes - 02, 03, 04, 05, 06S, 06, 07, 08, 09.
  • S1 Service, CLF Insulation, Class B temp rise, IP54 protection standard (IP55 kit available).
  • Steel machined spline brake hub (stainless steel available at option).
  • Safe asbestos-free silent friction material.
  • Physically interchangeable with MS/FM Series. 
  • Distributer Program Available, OEM Pricing on Request.
  • Also Available through TVT Distributors: Applied Industrial Tech, Motion Industries, Kaman, Bearing Distributors Inc., Weimer Bearing, and more.

OEG FM Brakes

Technical Sheet PDF 

Installation & Maintenance PDF

FM Brochure PDF


  • Constructive Version UL 600V or 850V certified
  • All DC Volts 12 to 300Vdc are available on request.
  • Brake torque adjustable from 35% to 100% of rated.
  • No axial load is applied to motor shaft from braking.
  • Microswitch for brake release is available as an option. 
  • Microswitch for wear control is available as an option.
  • Anti-stick friction lining. 
  • Steel brake disc is standard, Stainless steel available optionally.
  • O-Ring anti vibration devise is available. 
  • IP55 dust/water kit is available (boot for brake and flinger seal for shaft). 
  • Stainless Steel motor fiction plate (motor side) available at option.
  • Stainless Steel ring on anchor side (optional).
  • Replaces ES DC (prior version). 
  • 100% Designed & Manufactured in ITALY, andLoved in America.
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