Poggi® Right angle gearbox 5002 Series

Poggi Bevel Gearbox 5002

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Poggi® Right angle gearbox 5002 Series. Stainless steel housing and shafts featuring fully machined flanges with threaded holes.  Hardened, tempered and ground stainless steel shafts supported by electric motor grade deep groove ball bearings, Gleason spiral bevel gears made of hardened, tempered and ground alloy steel for silent and efficient operation in either direction. Synthetic lubricated and maintenance free for life fit with spring lip oil seals for clean leak free operation, High Temperature Viton® seals available on request.  Designed for minimal and repeatable backlash, 15 to 30 arc minutes standard, reduced backlash available on request.  Operational temperature of 0º to 170ºF (-18º to 80ªC).   

Priced for End User.  For OEM and Distribution Quantity Discounts, contact sales@tvtamerica.com

Spec sheet: 185002111

Spec sheet: 185002121