Poggi GDR 0,6/14 Nylon-Steel Gear Couplings

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Poggi® GDR Steel Gear Couplings with Crowned Teeth and Nylon Sleeve.

Poggi® GDR Coupling are a high torque compact shaft coupling with angular and axial misalignment abilities not found in comparable Elastomeric JawCouplings.   2º Angular misalignment per coupling half (4º in total) and 0.4 to 0.6mm radial misalignment capabilities. Axial displacement of +/- 1mm (2mm total).

Coupling-in-shear design means that should the nylon female gear sleeve fail (torque overload, over-misalignment, operation outside of parameters) that the related coupling hubs or their mating shafts are not harmed.  Far superior to comparable jaw coupling systems. 

Diameter of GDR type couplings is much smaller than comparable Elastomeric Jaw couplings, lower inertia and more compact mounting is therefore capable. 

GDR Coupling hubs from TVT are made of UNI C40 steel with fully crowned gear teeth precision machined.  The 6.6 polyamide nylon sleeve provides years of clean, dry, maintenance free operation.

GDR hubs are available in 8 standard sizes (based on max recommended bore in millimeter) in either standard or extended length hubs.  Nylon gearsleaves are available to suit each of these 8 sizes.   Selection proceedure is simple, please download or view PDF file to select the perfect GDR coupling for your application.