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Mounting Form
MT TFP Series High Performance 3phase AC Brake motor
IEC 132m 6pole 5.5Kw 230∆/400Y Volts/50hz, 277∆/480Y Volts 60Hz 1.2 Service factor
Ingress Protection 5 Dust, 4 Solids, Class F Insulation, S1 Continuous Duty

PTC Thermistor thermal protectors in stator windings.

3ph AC brake Standard 230∆/400Y-Volts 50Hz, 277∆/480 Volts 60Hz. 24Vdc & 103Vdc brakes optional.

Die-cast Aluminum Housing Polyester Epoxy Painted RAL 9006 White Aluminum for superior corrosion protection.
Pressed Steel brake Cover Polyester Epoxy Painted RAL 5010 TVT Blue.
Double Terminal Box, rotatable at 90º intervals, for convenient wiring and Protection IP56
UL/CSA/CE listed, ATEX Ex 2-22 3G/3D certified.
"Made in Italy… Loved in America"®

WIRING DIAGRAM for Motor & Brake type TFP.   Opens in new window (.pdf)

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