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Tramec XC50 40 H25

Tramec XC50 40 H25

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Tramec X - Universal Worm Gear

Series: X

Motor Input: C (Close Coupled)

Size: 50

Ratio: 40/1

Output: 25mm (Hollow Bore)

Motor Input: 14mm (71B14 or 71B5 options on checkout). 

Mounting Position:  B3 (Horizontal)

Rated: 0.47 kw (0.63hp) input at 1800 rpm, 69 Nm (612 in-lbs) output torque.

OHL: 1400 Newton standard, 4000 Newton (with Tapered roller bearings option). 

Maintenance Free: Shell® Omala S4 320 full synthetic.


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