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TVT compact worm-gear speed reducer designed for lifting applications.  Features:

- Stainless steel hardware (INOX)

- Vacuum Die-cast Alloy Aluminum Gear-case

- Specially formulated Shell Omala S4 WE 680 synthetic - maintenance free for life.

- Dual input seals - leak free protection.

- Fully Encased Nitral Double lip output seals.

-  Designed to suit worm gear with tight shimming specific for lifting applications.

-  IEC 80B14 compact flange input.

-  28mm H7 Hollow bore with keyway output.

-  F1 flange kit for left or right output mounting.

-  Vent free, sealed for life, maintenance free design.

-  Standard 1/80 reduction ratio.  Optional made to order 1/65 and 1/100.

100% Made In ITALY by TVT GROUP

NEMA 56C, 143-145TC Optionally available made to order.   1.250" Output bore optional, made to order.   Steel-IT® Corrosion Resistant Paint Optional.


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