XC50F1D 5 80C4 B3 D25
XC50F1D 5 80C4 B3 D25
XC50F1D 5 80C4 B3 D25
XC50F1D 5 80C4 B3 D25

XC50F1D 5 80C4 B3 D25

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TVT America Universal Worm Gearmotor

Input: 1.1kw (1.5hp) 4pole 208-240YY/440-480Y 60Hz, IP55, CLF, S1 continuous duty, motor with 2RS sealed bearings, NC 130ºC thermostat, UL/CSA/CE listed. 1668 rpm, 7.53NM torque, at 2.61A 460V/60Hz.  Motor coupled to reducer by 80B14 compact flange. 

Output: 25mm hollow bore H7 tolerance w/keyslot, 333.6rpm @ 33Nm torque.

Mounting: Output flange F1 on side D. 70mm pilot, 85-100mm bolt circle, 90mm distance from face of flange to center of worm reducer.  Flange can be remounted on opposing side of reducer.

Maintenance:  Speed Reducer lifetime lubricated, Shell® Omala® S4 WE320 synthetic high performance gear lube.  Motor 2RS sealed bearings, secondary double lip seals at output and flinger ring on fan side.

Production: Assembled in USA with 100% Italian parts.

Wiring: YY or Y as shown in photos and wiring diagram included.  NC 130ºC thermostat circuit is shown in photo. Optional use, must be connected to starter or VFD circuit to function as motor safety device.  Circuit opens at 130ºC and self resets at 120ºC.