Z (10x6mm) pitch Normal V-Belts
Z (10x6mm) pitch Normal V-Belts

Z (10x6mm) pitch Normal V-Belts

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Z Pitch which is 10mm wide by 6mm deep are sold by pitch length in Inches as standard.   So item Z-18 is a 10mm wide beth with a 18" pitch length.

TVT-Poggi® Normal® V-belts are produced from optimum materials of the highest quality to be:

  • High Performance
  • Stretch Proof - length stable regardless of belt age.
  • Antistatic
  • Resistant to Oil
  • To DIN and RMA Specifications

Our belts are suitable to operate in a wide temperature range, -10ºC to +80ºC.

For Li (Lughezza interna) inside Length, or Lp (Lughezza primitiva) pitch Length. Please visit catalog for exact specifications.


Full Poggi V-Belt Pulley & Belt Catalog can be Downloaded HERE and will open in a new window.