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TVT® Zeno Series 3ph AC Motor by Carpanelli

IEC 80a 6pole 0.37kW 200YY/400Y-50Hz, 0.44kW 230YY/460Y-60Hz IP55 CLF S1 duty.  130º Normally Closed Thermostat in the Stator winding, Sealed 2RS 6204 Ball Bearings supporting rotor.  UL/CSA/CE listed.    Double Lip seal with garter spring on output, wiper seal on the fan side.

based on Carpanelli® M80a/6 motor with modular design & assembly of 100% Italian parts in the U.S.A.

 Specification Sheet Wiring Diagram Brake Wiring 
Forced Vents Encoder Specifications Terminal Boxes
Sensor Bearing Motor Mounted VFD

The Zeno Series is a highly customizable motor. 

Available Options:

Motor Brake - 24Vdc, 103Vdc, 205Vdc, powered 24Vdc, 115Vac, 230Vac, 460Vac. (ZA form)

Forced Ventilation: 24Vdc, 115Vac 1ph, 230Vac 1ph, 230/460Vac 3phase.

Encoder Mounting: 15mm rotor shaft extension.

Programmable Encoder: Sick VFS60A-THP0-S02 available assembled in the US A.

Terminal box:  IP55 Standard, IP65 at option, IP65 double box at option, FLAT cover IP55 at option. Repositionable at 90º increments.  

Sensor Bearing: SKF BMO-6204/048S2/UA008A available assembled in the USA. 48 Pulse/revolution

Mounting Forms: B3 foot, B14 Compact flange, B5 Standard flange, B34 Foot with Compact flange, B35 foot with standard flange, B14R reduced compact flange (one IEC size smaller). B5R (reduced standard flange, one IEC size smaller).  B34R (reduced flange with foot), B35R (reduced standard flange with the foot)    

Repositionable Foot Mounting: B3 foot with a terminal box on TOP, at Right, at Left when viewed from the output.

Tropicalization:   Tropicalized Stator & Rotor available by request.

Paint Protection:  Available RAL 5010 TVT Blue, RAL 9006 White Aluminum, and RAL 9005 Jet Black.  STEEL-IT Stainless Steel Paint finish.  Customer by Request Paint Colors to RAL standard.    Inquire with Sales Department.

Corrosion Protection:  Standard Fasteners Zinc plated.  Stainless Steel fasters by request.  

Environmental Protection: IP55 Standard, IP65, IP66, available by request.    VITON seals for the rotor shaft are available by request. 

Motor Mounted VFD: 1ph to 3ph, and 3ph to 3ph available.  IP56 standard.

Private Label:  Custom Laser Etched Nameplates available for OEM or Distributor optionally.

Special Voltages:  Standard 230YY/400Y-60Hz, 208V/60Hz compatible.   230∆/400Y-50Hz, or other non-stock voltages available by request. 

Modified Rotor Shaft:  Reduced shaft, extended shaft, customer specific rotor shafts available by request per quotation. 

Contact Sales@tvtamerica.com for options not shown here for checkout.  We can prepare a custom quote specific to your needs.  Fast production & Shipping.

Contact mark@tvtamerica.com for Authorized, Stocking Distributor, and Assembly Center Opportunities as well as OEM Volume Quotations.